Borek Recipe

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Borek Recipe

This easy borek, or burek, recipe will appeal more to people from the African and Tunisian continents than those from the Turkish, East Asian, or Anatolian continents. Some claim that borek has been copied from the very popular Tunisian dish called brik. A very similar dish to borek, but with a tuna, cheese, and egg filling/ We can accurately claim that this borek recipe is native to the North African Maghreb, a favorite of Berber nomads who needed food that was simple to make and easy to transport. It then spread throughout the region.

We do care about the history of recipes and their origins but what matters most to us is the taste and how people react to our recipes. We proof all our recipes before publishing them and in certain cases, we do a lot of research to find out everything about a recipe. This borek recipe is no exception and what we know is that it is as popular in Africa as it is in East Africa.

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Thank you and happy borek cooking.

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Recipe Info


Serves: 12


Calories: 79
Carbs: 9g
Fat: 3g
Protein: 2g

Cooking Times

30 min
Preparation Time
0 Hours and 30 Minutes
30 min
Cook Time
0 Hours and 30 Minutes
60 min
Total Time
1 Hours and 0 Minutes




  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the mashed potatoes with the cheese, onion, gherkin, parsley,
  2. butter, and season to taste with salt and pepper.
  3. Place a sheet of the pastry roll on a prepared surface and and add 2 teaspoons of the filling to the side of the sheet.
  4. Create a smooth paste by mixing the flour and water together.
  5. Pull one corner of the sheet over the filling and press down.
  6. Pull the other corner over this end and coat it with the flour paste.
  7. Apply pressure to seal it and put it aside. Repeat the process until the remaining filling has been used up.
  8. Heat enough oil in a frying pan over medium heat for shallow frying, about 1½ inch (2.5 cm) deep.
  9. Cook the prepared borek rolls in the oil on both sides until golden brown.
  10. Serve at once while warm. Enjoy!

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Ishmael Gwama
This is a good borek recipe and I read the story a few times. It made me want to know more about our culinary history in Africa. You guys set the example for all other recipe websites. Thank you. 5.00

Fatima Toure
Delicious borek recipe and a hint of history with it. Very nice page. 5.00

Nulu Agu
My kids had a school project in history class and they came upon this page. Thanks for sharing the great recipe and information. 5.00

Oyekan Keita
Very tasty and easy-to-make borek recipe. 5.00

Neil Borek
I searched for my surname and found this recipe 😜 Great recipe, great story and great info, Now I know what my surname means. 5.00

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