Mussel Pilaf

Mussel Pilaf Recipe

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Mussel Pilaf Recipe

This mussel pilaf recipe is one of my favourite West Coast recipes. One of the best activities we share as a family is picking mussels off the rocks during our long strolls on the beach. The kids love it and always comment on the size of the mussels growing in the area.

Pilaf or pilau is a rice dish whose recipe usually involves cooking in stock or broth, adding spices, and other ingredients such as vegetables or seafood. It is not the same as paella, because in the mussel pilaf recipe there is only one seafood ingredient, mussels. Mussel pilaf is what we call a one-dish winner,  you only need one frying pan and a few ingredients.

If pilaf or pilau is not your thing then you can always have a look at our very popular mussels in white whine sauce, and mussels in garlic sauce recipes

There is so much you can do with mussels. If you have a good mussel recipe, please share your recipe on this page and tell us everything about your recipe. You can also tag us on our Facebook page where we can share food and cooking ideas together.

Thank you and happy mussel pilaf cooking.

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Recipe Info


Serves: 6


Calories: 98
Carbs: 9.0g
Fat: 5.5g
Protein: 2.8g

Cooking Times

10 min
Preparation Time
0 Hours and 10 Minutes
30 min
Cook Time
0 Hours and 30 Minutes
35 min
Total Time
0 Hours and 35 Minutes




  1. Melt the butter in a large frying pan over medium heat. All the oil and sauté the onions until soft and glossy
  2. Drain the mussels, reserving the liquid. Add water to the liquid to make 375 ml.
  3. Add the mussels, liquid, rice, chopped tomatoes, and oreganum to the frying pan. Cover and simmer until the rice is cooked through, 15 to 20 minutes. Serve hot and enjoy!

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Annemie Baartman
This is how you do mussels. Delicious pilaf recipe. Thanks. 5.00

Sally Hammer
Delicious mussels recipe. 5.00

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