Salmon Tart

Salmon Tart Recipe

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Salmon Tart Recipe

This quick, and the easy salmon tart recipe is surprisingly good. We often have visitors, friends, and family over and are considered as the social couple in the estate we live in. I believe the attraction lies in the fact that we often share snacks with our friendly visitors. I am not sure why, but I always believe you have to give your guests something to eat when they visit your house. My mum said, my dad used to be the same.

One of the favorite items we share with our guests is this salmon tart recipe. After mostly always sharing quiche, we started running out of ideas. With the fear of boring our guests we share a few ideas and developed this salmon tart recipe. it is a huge success and immensely popular with our guests.

We prefer to serve this recipe as soon as it comes out of the oven, but we never know when guests will show up uninvited. It works well if heated in the microwave or served hot or cold. Slightly heated tastes the best.

We are happy you are here and hope you like this salmon tart recipe. Please let us know what you think of this recipe.

Thanks and happy cooking

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Recipe Info


Serves: 4


Calories: 521
Carbs: 20g
Fat: 16g
Protein: 14g

Cooking Times

10 min
Preparation Time
0 Hours and 10 Minutes
30 min
Cook Time
0 Hours and 30 Minutes
45 min
Total Time
0 Hours and 45 Minutes




  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C
  2. Working in layers, brush the phyllo pastry sheet with melted butter, then place a second sheet on top, do the same until all phyllo sheets have been brushed. Place the layered phyllo into a baking pie or tart dish
  3. In a mixing bowl, mix the cream cheese, chives, and eggs together and beat well
  4. Season to taste with the salt and pepper
  5. Slowly work in the salmon and stir well
  6. Pour the salmon mixture into the pie dish lined with phyllo pastry
  7. Bake in th preheated oven for 15 minutes, or until the phyllo becomes golden. Cover loosely with foil and bake for another 15 o 20 minutes until the filling is set
  8. Remove and allow to cool, then serve. Enjoy!

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Ryan Noland
It is my wife's birthday 🥳💃🎈🎉 today and I treated her and her family to this salmon tart. What a great success it was. Thanks for making her birthday special @ The Cooking Cat. 5.00
cooking cat recipes
The Cooking Cat
Hi Ryan, congratulations on your wife's birthday. 🙌🥂. We sent a special card to your email address. Please share it with your wife from us. Happy cooking.

Timo Oliviero
What a great salmon pie recipe. Loved it to bits. 5.00

Wilbur Shrajevo
Something to think about when I finish my recipe book later this year. Will give this salmon tart recipe a mention if you don't mind. Thank you. 5.00
cooking cat recipes
The Cooking Cat
Hi Wilbur. Our recipes are becoming more popular by the day. It is good to know. We have sent the details and images of this salmon tart recipe to your email. You are welcome to use it in your cookbook. Please let us know when the book has been completed. We can share a link to your book on our website or even this webpage and we would love to do it for you. We are a collaborative team and like to work with other people. Cheers. 🥂

Miranda Lockhart
When I bake this salmon pie in the winter, my cat 😺🐟 lies on top of the counter next to the stove, Seems the cat wants a slice of salmon pie. 🥟 5.00

Sharon Lull
Fantastic salmon tart recipe. Looks like a quiche, but tastes better. Thanks. 5.00

Newman Gordon
Lovely, quick, and easy salmon tart recipe. I love a good salmon recipe and right here, I have found a tasty one. Thanks for this recipe. 5.00

Santjie Smit
This is a great story and a great salmon tart recipe. It smells divine when I bake it. Attracts all sorts of friendly people, and pets, to our house. 😄❤️ 5.00

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