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Masterchef Pots. As a professional chef or home cook, you need the right cookware to bring your culinary treasures to life. My wife and I bought the entire MasterChef pot collection and tried it out @ home.

We gladly share our experiences with using the MasterChef pots. The first topic to discuss would be the price of the pots. It seems expensive, but you need to bear in mind that the pots are manufactured from expensive metals.

The aluminium body is made for efficient heat distribution from the base and the side for even cooking with no hot spots, reducing cooking times and savings on energy. The non-stick coating is hard wearing and has an easy to clean interior surface. The stainless steel induction plate on the base of the cookware is added to give greater strength and makes it suitable for all cooktops including induction.

Ergonomically designed Bakelitehandles feature a designed curve for comfort and style.

An so, we put the pots to the test. Most people will treat something new with respect, or approach it cautiously, with the fear that it may damage and lose its value. We did the opposite.

They claim the pots are suitable for all surfaces. I decided to use the frying pan (saucepan) as my guinea pig, poor soul.I tested the frying pan on a grill over open coals, outdoor gas stove, gas stovetop, induction oven, and finally a plain old fashioned stovetop.

I gave it a real hard time, using the six most flammable foods. But why? Because they claim the heat distributes evenly, that is why.

So, I tried, garlic, deep frying stuffed peppers, alcohol-based sauces and flambe steak. I also used different cooking oils, like blended cooking oil, which is known for overflowing when deep frying.

Please do not try this at home. I came prepared with fire distinguishers and protective gear, really. My aim was to prove the manufacturers wrong.

The verdict. The frying pan is still alive and kicking. It withstood the vigorous abuse it was exposed to. The Bakelite handles saved my hands from severe potential burn wounds. It now has a prime spot on the kitchen shelf next to the stove. We bonded like father and son.

The pots do distribute the heat evenly. I tried my best to prove it wrong, but I failed.

As for the price? It is worth every cent. Buy yourself the Masterchef pot collection today, or better yet, impress your parents in law with a Masterchef pot collection for Christmas. You will forever be remembered and have a special place in their good books.

Do you own a set of Masterchef pots? If you do, please tell us what you think.

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Billy Homes
Brilliant article and thanks for sharing your experiences with us. My wife was about to spend our hear earned money on a set of Masterchef Pots and I was hesitant, but not any longer. You saved the day.

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