Creamy Samp

Creamy Samp Recipe

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Creamy Samp Recipe

This creamy samp recipe is perfect with any casserole dish or stew. This recipe has been popular on our website long before it became famous. We are happy to announce that we hosted the original creamy sump recipe.

When the day calls for a good casserole, like this Chicken Casserole, or this Green bean stew then this creamy samp recipe is the perfect starch companion. It is quick and easy and tastes delicious.

We are happy to bring the taste of Africa to your home. Samp and Beans is a traditional dish of the Nguni people of South Africa. Referred to as isistambu by the Zulu people and umngqusho by the Xhosa people. The biggest Nguni groups. The dish is made from slowly cooked samp (crushed corn kernels).

Please tell us what you think of this creamy samp recipe. You can also find us on Instagram @cookingcatdotcom, and share your favorite African recipe with us.

Thank you and happy creamy samp cooking.

Recipe Info


Serves: 6


Calories: 146
Carbs: 6g
Fat: 4g
Protein: 20g

Cooking Times

5 min
Preparation Time
0 Hours and 5 Minutes
45 min
Cook Time
0 Hours and 45 Minutes
50 min
Total Time
0 Hours and 50 Minutes




  1. Rinse the samp thoroughly under running water
  2. Soak in water and leave overnight
  3. Cook over medium heat until the same is cooked through, about 45 minutes
  4. While the same is hot, stir in the aromat, coffee creamer, and butter. Serve and enjoy!

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Bertus Geldenhuys
I was able to bring in some samp from South Africa to the USA. The people here love this recipe, as it is with all other recipes on your website. Thanks for sharing the tastes of Africa with the world. 5.00

Melinda Botha
My husband never really like samp, until I gave him a good serving of this creamy samp. He is addicted. Well done! 5.00

Gerda Volmink
Lekker creamy samp recipe. Really tasty. The best samp ever. 5.00

Cindy Swanepoel
I am so happy I finally found this creamy samp recipe. I looked everywher. It is delicious. My husband and children love it. ❤️🌽 5.00

Sarie Van der Merwe
We recently hosted visitors from Germany. They went back home with more photos of this creamy samp than anything else. You did a good job, my friends. This recipe is a hit, even in Germany. 5.00

Nikki Coetzee
Oh, my word. This is a good samp recipe. The best ever. 😋😋 5.00

Henk Grobbelaar
Simply delicious. 5.00

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