Fish Pie

Fish Pie Recipe

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Fish Pie Recipe

This quick, and easy creamy fish pie recipe is one of our family's favorite recipes. Everyone knows the importance of fish and especially Salmon. Fish is wholesome and nutritious and a must include in any diet.

There is so much you can do with fish and Salmon. The two easiest and most common ways of cooking salmon are in the oven on a sheet tray and on the stovetop with a little oil. Seeing the oven baking method trumps the frying method of Salmon preparations, we decided to do a creamy fish pie recipe.

This creamy fish pie is really tasty. Whenever we prepare this recipe people always ask us for the fish pie recipe. Another good reason why we decided to share this recipe on our website.

I know salmon is quite expensive, but the reason why we chose salmon for this healthy fish pie recipe is that it's very low in saturated fat and a good source of protein. It's also one of the best sources of vitamin B12. Salmon also bursts in potassium and other nutrients like iron and vitamin D.

We are happy you are here looking at this fish pie recipe and invite you to share your thoughts and let us know what you think about this recipe. We welcome any suggestions.

Thank you and enjoy this fish pie recipe.

Recipe Info


Serves: 4


Calories: 408
Carbs: 31.2 g
Fat: 16.4 g
Protein: 33.6 g

Cooking Times

20 min
Preparation Time
0 Hours and 20 Minutes
35 min
Cook Time
0 Hours and 35 Minutes
55 min
Total Time
0 Hours and 55 Minutes




  1. Preheat the oven to 210°C. Heat butter in a large frying pan, add leaks and sauté until softened but not browned. Add flower and cook for 1 minute
  2. Stir through chives and mustard. Add cream and wine, simmer for 5 minutes. Season well with salt and pepper
  3. In a separate pot, heat fish stock to a gentle simmer. Poach Salmon until just cooked. Remove, discard skin and flake. Add Salmon to the cream mixture
  4. Add baby spinach, allow to wilt. Taste for seasoning and allow fish pie filling to cool
  5. Place cooled fish pie filling into individual pie sized dished. Spoon dollops of choux pastry over the fish pie filling
  6. Bake for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to 190°C and bake for another 25 minutes, until puffed up and golden. Serve immediately
  7. See the delight on your family's faces

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Beaty Malwinga
As a food editor, I am constantly looking for new talent for the magazine I work for. Will definitely mention this fish pie recipe in an upcoming edition. It is too good to miss. Wonderfule. 5.00

David Kettleborough
My house doctor once said: "If you heat fish three times a week, it is still not enough". Now I have a fish pie recipe for three times a week. How wonderful. Tasty too, Thanks for sharing. Bookmarked and shared to my social account. A recipe forever. 5.00

Elona Smyth
This is a really good fish pie recipe people. A must-try. Fantastic recipe. 5.00

Brumilda Hattingh
As an actress, I understand the importance of eating fish. Nothing better than salmon and this fish pie recipe. Tremendous recipe. Easy, quick, and tasty, 5.00

Sam Whiteting
What a delicious, quick, and easy fish pie recipe 🐟🥟 Tastes super good. Thanks for sharing guys. 5.00

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