Recipe Keyboard Shortcuts

Recipe Keyboard Shortcuts Recipe
Recipe Keyboard Shortcuts

Food bloggers, or recipe publishers, use many different keyboard shortcuts when they create recipes and cooking methods. I have come up with a quick list that will help many people save time when they create their popular recipes.

Most recipes use fractions in the recipe ingredients. Some people do not exactly know how to use keyboard shortcuts for fractions and will maybe type half as 1/2 instead of ½. There is nothing really wrong with it, but it just looks better when fractions are properly listed for recipe instructions.

A friend recently asked me to help her create a cookbook listing her favourite recipe. I have experience with using Adobe Indesign and was very impressed with how easy it was to create fractions using this awesome digital publication platform.  That is what prompted me to create this article.

Another problem I recently faced was how to store fractions in a database. I think not all CMS platforms databases support fractions and that is why we see so many recipe sites not using fractions. This is exactly the reason why I write my recipe websites from scratch it gives me full control over what I have on my website. One more problem I noticed was that when people left feedback on a recipe, they like to use emojis, and you also need to set your database up to be able to store emojis in a recipe database.

recipe keynoard shortcuts

Back to where we were. The table above list the most popular keyboard shortcuts for recipes. Please let us know if there is anything we can add to make the list more useful.

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Cheryl Newman
This is one of the best cooking sites I know. You have everything on your website for beginners and advanced cooks and chefs. Thanks for another great article. It made me think of ideas on how to improve my own blog and it is very inspirational.

Dirk Havenga
The best complete list of recipe keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra van Schalkwyk
Great list of keyboard shortcuts. Thanks so much for sharing.

Selma Claire
Thanks so much for this list of recipe shortcuts. have saved it and it now has a permanent place on the door of my fridge.

Louise van Wyk
A very handy list of keyboard shortcuts for recipes. Thanks for helping me save time and sharing great insights. It helped me tremendously with my cookbook and recipe pages.


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