Bacon Jam

Bacon Jam Recipe

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Bacon Jam Recipe

We had this original bacon jam recipe on our website long before the recipe became famous. I sometimes wonder where celebrity chefs get their inspiration from and the methods they use to claim a recipe and pretend it was their own.

This popular bacon jam recipe is made with slow-cooked bacon, brown sugar, onions and spices, and is a great breakfast spread. The bacon jam also works well with burgers, sandwiches, and baked potatoes. The recipe is so versatile, it can be used to elevate anything you like.

This is the best bacon jam recipe out there. I know it is a brave statement, but we have been told this by so many people. Some are family, others from social media, and many more. Many food bloggers have adopted this bacon jam recipe, but I know for a fact, we were one of the first to have this bacon jam recipe on our website.

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Thanks and happy bacon jam cooking.

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Recipe Info


Serves: 2


Calories: 255
Carbs: 59 g
Fat: 1 g
Protein: 0 g

Cooking Times

10 min
Preparation Time
0 Hours and 10 Minutes
35 min
Cook Time
0 Hours and 35 Minutes
45 min
Total Time
0 Hours and 45 Minutes




  1. In a large frying pan, over low heat, cook the bacon for 25 minutes, stirring frequently
  2. Drain the bacon on paper towels. Reserve the bacon juices in the frying pan
  3. Add the onions and garlic to the same pan and cook over medium heat until soft and glossy. Stir in the cayenne pepper, mustard, and ginger and cook for 1 minute. Increase the heat to a simmer and add the sherry and maple syrup
  4. Simmer scraping the bottom to bring up the stuck bits. Add the vinegar and the brown sugar. Simmer for about 10 minutes, stirring now and again, until the mixture reduce to a thick glaze
  5. Transfer to a food processor and pulse into a jam consistency. Add the hot bacon jam to a sterilized jar and refrigerate for at least 2 hours, up to a maximum of 4 weeks. Enjoy the best bacon jam.

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Martha Newman
Beautiful and the best bacon jam recipe I have tried. Loved it so much. I bottle and label the jams and hand the bacon jam out as gifts and it has made me the most popular person in our family. 😉😜 ❤️ 5.00

Walter Steinberg
I only serve one condiment with my breakfast menu and it is this bacon jam. Since introducing it, not one asks for anything but bacon jam. Thanks for this great recipe. 5.00

Elaine Calloway
There should only be one bacon jam recipe, and it should be this one. I do not like the one with coffee or bourbon. The sherry does the trick and the cayenne pepper is a great secret ingredient. 5.00

Harland Smithfield
By far the best bacon jam recipe. I have tried most of the other bacon jam recipes on the top recipe platforms, but nothing beats this bacon jam recipe. it is terrific. 5.00

Norma Slinader
Your brave statement is correct. This is the best bacon jam recipe I have tried. Well done. 5.00

Mikah Antrilis
I am actually a vegetarian, but this bacon jam recipe converted me. The best thing I ever tried since not eating meat for more than five years, Fatnastic. 5.00

Vernon Freelander
Thanks for this bacon jam recipe. I serve it in my restaurant as a spread for breakfast and main courses. It enhances everything you add it to. Very good recipe. 5.00

Natalie Combrink
The tastiest bacon jam recipe I have ever tried. My children are addicted to this bacon jam. 5.00

Nathan Holloway
I am a professional chef and not easily impressed, but this bacon jam recipe took my breath away. Great combination of spices and sweets to make this recipe as good as it is. Awesome. 5.00

Shaun Mendis
This is a good bacon jam recipe. A must-try. I love it on eggs. 5.00

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